Backhausdance With(in) OCMA: Mesh

Backhausdance With(in) OCMA: Mesh

Immerse yourself in this moving exploration of human connection and empathy created by choreographer Jennifer Backhaus in collaboration with Backhausdance dancers. Based on the exhibition Alexandra Grant: Telepathy is One Step Further Than Empathy, the dancers move in duets fraught with conflict, ultimately finding connection and understanding with each other.

Danced and filmed in the OCMA galleries, the performance captures the dynamic interplay between contemporary dance and visual art.

Dancers: Ellen Akashi, Kira Bartoli, Samuel DeAngelo, Katie Natwick, Adrien Padilla, Santiago Villareal

Program date and time: Sunday, March 28, 5:30 pm (PST)
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Photo credit: Adrien Padilla
Videography and film production by Chris Emerick and Paragon Media.